Chrome Theme Builder

Chrome Theme Builder

Chrome Themes can rank high, link to other properties,
share images and calls to action.
Did you notice that DA?!

Custom Chrome Themes

Chrome themes can hit page one in a week and appear in the Play Store even faster. And with our exclusive methods, your Themes can be ranking high in the Play Store as well as on Google searches. What do you want to promote this month?

Simple Chrome Theme Builder

Our exclusive software allows you to create and submit Chrome Themes to the Google Chrome store where others can see and install them.
Themes can include phone numbers, images and live links!

I use this software personally most days.

I've created themes in categories as diverse as Legal, Rehab, CBD, Adult
and many local niches like Roofing and locksmiths.

Along with this incredibly simple to use software,
you'll get my own training on using it and ranking these themes.

Order Today!

Lifetime just $279

Annually $199

Monthly $47


Do these rankings last?
Yes, we've had rankings last for years.

Is building themes hard?
Not with our theme building software, no

How many can I build?
You are only limited by the number of gmails you can create

Can I sell themes that I've built?
Yes, you can sell them from the Google Play Store